JPGs are the most popular file format.


  • You can open them with any image software
  • They are smaller in file size so you fit more on an SD card
  • They write to your SD card faster – particularly useful when using the continuous shooting mode
  • You can print them straight from your camera / card
  • They are a processed image


  • As they are already processed, they don’t allow as much scope for your own processing. You don’t have full control of the image
  • The picture is smaller as information in the photo is lost and cannot be retrieved, resulting in quality loss.
  • Every time you save when processing a jpg, you lose quality



  • Unprocessed raw information from the sensor is recorded onto the SD card
  • The only setting that will influence the quality of the photos is the ISO
  • The photo can be processed to your liking


  • The file size is much larger and therefore you won’t fit as many photos on your SD card
  • Because of the large size, it will take longer to write to your card
  • Continuous shooting is slow – better to use jpgs
  • You have to process the photo before you can print it

It’s always best to shoot in both formats. Then you can use the jpgs immediately, but if you do want to do some editing, you also have the RAW files which you can do more with.

Remember: changing the white balance doesn’t affect RAW files. The white balance in RAW files can be changed in processing. You only need to set the white balance when shooting jpgs.

Tip: Viewing and processing RAW files – Try Raw Therapee

Image sizes

When taking photos on my DSLR, the picture size is 6000 x 4000 px. They don’t need be this big on the Internet and it’s better to downsize the quality by about 60%. The advantages of this are:

  • Photos take less time to load
  • You will have more space available in your WordPress account
  • People will be less likely to ‘steal’ your photos. If you put full size photos on the Internet, anyone can download and take them to pass off as their own.

TV screens are 1920 x 1080 so again, there is no need to have a 6000 x 4000 photo. It is recommended that from now on, for assignments, the long edge of photos should be set to 1200 px. Only use the full size image if you want to print it.

Homework this week was to keep practising composition, including Aperture, Priority, Repetition, Patter and Texture. Please click here to view these photos.


Adobe Bridge

This software is perfect for importing, viewing, selecting and editing photos


  • Pressing the space bar opens a photo
  • Numbers 1 – 5 rate the photo
  • Numbers 6 – 9 select a category colour
  • Left click on a photo and ‘open in camera raw’ to edit a photo

Adobe bridge


Criteria covered in this blog:

Unit 01: 2.8

Unit 02: 1.2