I spent the Easter holidays practising some aspects of what we have learned over the last eight weeks, as well as taking some photos for fun and experimenting with Photoshop.

Exposure / Shutter speed

The following photos show how the waterfall blurs with a slower shutter speed (low number) and how the motion freezes when using a fast shutter speed (high number). The slowest shutter speed used is 0.6″ and the fastest is 1/1250:

The water dripping from this elephant’s trunk was shot with a shutter speed of 1/200. The shutter speed wasn’t fast enough to freeze the drops but the blur gives a sense of motion:

Photoshop (6)


Depth of Field

This sequence of three photos shows how using different focal points changes which parts of the photos become blurry:

I took the following two photos at different apertures. The colours are better on the first one but the subject stands out more on the second one as I used a wider aperture so I’m not sure which I prefer:


The following photos show how the use of Depth of Field blurs the background or foreground, depending on where the focal point is:


Ideas / Just for fun

I bought a ‘crystal ball’ but haven’t had the chance to go out and experiment with it yet. This is my first attempt in my garden:

For fun (1)

I got the next idea from Practical Photography magazine and would like to think of some more creative ways of using this idea of taking a photo of part of an item with my phone, then lining it up with the rest of the item:

For fun (2)


Framing, leading lines, patterns and repetitions and zoom bursts

I still haven’t perfected zoom bursts  but the one taken outdoors is interesting!



I took some photos that I felt could be improved with some editing:

I saw this Scimitar-horned oryx and liked the fact that it’s horns mimicked the trees, however I didn’t like the colour version with lots of white sky and decided it would look better cropped and in black and white, with some dark vignetting around the edge:


This photo of two giraffes was quite dull so I cropped it and made it black and white:


This photo of two collared doves in my garden needed to be straightened and brightened up using the shadow adjustment in Photoshop:


I spotted a blue tit in the tree across the road but didn’t think I’d be able to get a decent photo. It turned out a bit dark, as I was shooting towards the sky, with some distracting parts at the edge of the photo as well as some sensor dust. I brightened it up in Photoshop with the contrast and shadow adjustment tool to bring out the colour of the blue tit and used the spot tool to get rid of the dust and unwanted areas:


Again, when photographing the moon, I could see sensor dust so edited it out with the spot tool in Photoshop:


When I reviewed the photo of this Mara at home, I decided that it was too overexposed so changed the exposure to darken it and give a better colour:


And finally, some favourite photos from the Easter holidays. Birds, flowers, animals and Royalty!