This is a selection of photos taken with my macro lens and, in some cases, a flash.

I’ve never used a flash before but I’m starting to realise how it can enhance your photos – particularly in macro photography. It really enhances the features of the bees that appear in the pictures and the details in the flowers, that you might not necessary get when shooting without a flash. The photos were taken on a sunny day – not a time where you would think that the flash would be useful.

For these photos I used my built in flash so the maximum shutter speed was 1/250. If I had taken my speedgun, I could have gone up to 1/8000 but I don’t feel I needed to. I did take a lot of photos and the majority of them were out of focus but I don’t think that relates to the shutter speed. The focusing on a macro lens is extremely sensitive and the bees move quite a lot so I found it a real challenge to get some decent photos.