Learning outcomes: 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4

Our homework this week was to go out within our own postcode and take photos to see what might be interesting for our project. The plan was to concentrate on depth of field.

Unfortunately the only day I had to go out was quite gloomy as it had been raining earlier on. Nevertheless, I had a wander out with my camera within the Hounslow borough.

I have spent some time over the summer holidays practising street photography and once I had got over the initial nerves of secretly taking photographs of people in the street, I did really enjoy it. This task was different though. In London, you do tend to be invisible – no one really takes any notice of you and it’s easy to hide with your camera yet still get the shot you want. When you’re in your neighbourhood however, it’s very different. I felt very conspicuous as everyone who walked past me wondered what I was doing. This is a particular problem when taking pictures near people’s houses or near a school (which was closed for the weekend.) I was also conscious about safety being out alone with expensive equipment. I therefore felt that I wanted to get it over with as quickly as possible and I think that meant that I didn’t really get a good variety of shots and depth of fields.

This is a selection of the photos I took on that day. I mainly concentrated on depth of field as there weren’t may subjects to demonstrate shutter speed on this occasion. Most of the photos are taking with a wide aperture but there are some photos which, in hindsight, I should have taken with a narrower depth of field, but as I explained earlier, I didn’t feel confident enough to remain in the same place for too long!

Some general shots:


identical photos focusing on different subjects:


I also focused on different subjects in these photos, first focusing on the front ball, then the middle, then the back. The exposure has changed in each photo and I’d next time I try this, I’d like each photo to be exposed the same. Would this mean setting a particular ISO?


A photo of a tree through a tree, concentrating on different focal points:

I did want to use manual focus on the last photo but I work out how to on my Sony A7 camera.