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As much as I enjoy being at home, sometimes life takes me further afield and this weekend I found myself in London. I decided to take me camera along as this would be the only opportunity I would have to get any photos this week. I headed off to China Town to try some Street Photography – something that I’d been introduced to in the summer holidays. At first, I felt very self conscious about taking photos of random people but the more I took, the more I realised that most people were completely oblivious to the fact I was taking them and I therefore grew more confident.

I was trying to find a common theme which I could use for my project. such as colour, reflections or shapes. A theme did emerge! See if you can guess what it is from the photos below and if not, check out my next blog post…


Soho / Chinatown

I was in London and I decided to take my camera along with me


Covent Garden


Christmas Tree – long exposures