During the half term break I spotted a lovely bottle of gin that I thought would be perfect for photographing for this project. I don’t like gin, but I loved the bottle!

To set up this shot, I used a softbox behind the product to give it a nice crisp white background. I also put a glossy tile underneath the bottle to provide reflection. I also added a couple of glasses to make the shot a bit more interesting. Ok, so they’re not gin glasses but they are very pretty!

The first thing to decide was the composition, where to put the glasses in relation to the bottle, which aperture to shoot at to get everything in focus. I decided to line up the bottle and glasses so that mean that the aperture didn’t have to be very narrow. These are my attempts and the various compositions of the glasses.



I was happy with the shots that I took until I looked at the in more detail a couple of weeks later. I noticed that the wording on the bottle appeared in different places, depending on which angle I was standing at. If I was to take the photos again I would be more aware of that issue and ensure that I’m standing and facing the bottle straight on.