Having been unhappy with my bracelet photograph, I was getting ready for class wondering what I could do instead in order to complete the part of the project that required a person and an object in the photograph. My third object was gloves but I didn’t have any that I felt worthy of photographing. I could have taken a different piece of jewellery or tried some different poses with the bracelet but I was totally uninspired. As I was putting some perfume on whilst standing in front of the mirror, I noticed the white spray spurting out of the bottle and suddenly an idea came to me… What would that look like against a black background and would I be able to capture the spray as it came out of the bottle. So I popped it into my camera bag – worth a shot!

I’d seen classmates using rim lighting, where the subject is lit from behind so that you get a rim of light around their outline, I really wanted to try that, along with someone holding out the perfume and spraying it on themselves. I was so pleased with the result though it took several attempts to capture the perfume exactly where I wanted it to be. I am hugely grateful to Emma for being my model and going home smelling amazing!