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Jo Iredale – NCFE in Photography: Levels 1 & 2:

Cat Survival Trust

I recently went on a Big Cats Photography Day run by Jessops. It was held at the Cat Survival Trust in Welwyn. A wonderful little place, fronted by a Farm shop and Pet Shop, that you would never know was there if you were just passing.

The team from Jessops were amazing – extremely friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. After 90 minutes of theory, we were unleashed on the Big Cats, with just a fence between us and them, and the opportunity for some fantastic photos.

I also returned for a Sony event a few days later, also led by a team from Jessops. We had the opportunity to try out a multitude of Sony lenses and cameras – the perfect way of deciding which pieces of equipment were right for our needs.

Here are some photos that I took over the course of the two days. If you would like to use any of these images please contact me to ask for my permission. Please feel free to leave comments!






Eurasian Lynx






Snow Leopards


Clouded Leopard


Amur Leopards


And it wasn’t just all about cats….

Ring tailed lemurs


Racoon Dogs

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